Why Mobile CRM is the way forward

Mobile phone usage amongst users is growing. Today, people use their mobiles for everything; in addition to making calls, texting, and browsing social media, people now use their phones to order food, online shopping, make online reservations, find hotel stays, work on presentations, reports, make payments, a camera, watching movies, documentaries, and so much more.

In the past 5 years, internet usage through mobile devices has continued to spike, with mobile traffic rising at a rapid rate. Recent internet trends have demonstrated that almost a quarter of all internet traffic is performed through mobile devices.

Research conducted by Forrester Research in 2008 shows that more than 50% of corporations have started incorporating smart phone applications for sales force automation. Doesn’t matter which business or industry you are in; customers will always be important. CRM’s have been known to improve customer retention by as much as 30%. At the end of the day, more customers = more revenue.

Customer satisfaction should be the #1 goal of any business.

The better the relationship you have with your customer, the greater the level of success of your company. Therefore, implementing a mobile strategy is no longer just an option, it is a necessity!

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile Customer Relationship Management or Mobile CRM is a tool that allows your sales team to gain access to customer information through web-based browsers using cloud CRM and mobile CRM apps. The primary function of mobile CRM is that it provides the opportunity for your sales force to access important information in real-time while out in the field, meeting customers and prospects.

6 Reasons why MOBILE CRM is the best decision for your company

  1. Research has shown that on average 65% of sales people who adopt mobile CRM meet their sales quotes. Most often sales reps travel for work or work remotely and do not always have their computers with them. Mobile CRM would allow them to easily access CRM solution and engage with prospects and customers, no matter where they are. The end result is faster response time, and a greater revenue growth.
  2. CRM helps to automate day to day tasks. Sales representatives will be able to focus their efforts in closing sales and solving customer queries than spend hours dealing with paperwork, filling unnecessary forms, reports, or addressing any legal issues.
  3. In CRM systems, data is integrated with different tools and plugins, which would allow you to automatically generate reports. Customer dashboards can also be personalized, allowing you to locate information faster, about customers, sales goals, performance reports, and other.
  4. All customer’s past purchasing habits, preferences and other buying behaviour will be collated in one online system. This will allow anyone to pull up any information needed and assist with solutions to problems that may arise, and come up with solutions within minutes. Even if a solution isn’t possible, with options such as crowdsourcing through customer portals you would be able to get other representatives on board to come up with solutions.
  5. CRM allows all employees to have access to the same customer data. This means that even if you were a customer’s primary contact, and you are not available, customers won’t need to start from scratch and work with someone new; who doesn’t understand their unique problems and preferences. With CRM, it doesn’t matter who is dealing with the client, because they will have access to the same information. CRM is cloud-based, and therefore can be accessed from anywhere, with a stable internet connection.
  6. CRM leads to increased sales and productivity, due to sales enablement tools, CRM reporting, built-in project management functions, personal customer data, process automation, and more. Sales reps are able to personalize data about customers and prospects, and can get better 360 degree customer insights, before they meet with the prospect, allowing them to form a rapport and close deals faster.
  7. Essentially, mobile CRM increases efficiency, saves time, improves data accuracy, provides closer team alignment, results in greater customer satisfaction, and brings in more revenue!

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